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The Montgomery County Agricultural Economic Development Program, as of January 3, 2011 will be administered through the Montgomery County Soil and Water Conservation District at the Fultonville Agricultural Service Center. Julicia Godbout will continue to be the Program Coordinator. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Julicia at   518-853-4015 or julicia.godbout@ny.nacdnet.net


ENCOURAGE the continued use of productive farmland for agriculture use.

IMPROVE the economic sustainability of agriculture in Montgomery County through increased marketing options, alternative crops, value added processing, and identifying other opportunities.

PROMOTE expansion and relocation of agribusinesses in Montgomery County.

INCREASE agriculture viability and probability within Montgomery County.

FOCUS on the needs of local farms and agribusinesses to facilitate solutions that are in balance with local technical, financial, and ecological resources.

EDUCATE the public about the business of agriculture.

This Project works under the guidance of the Agricultural Economic Development Committee, comprised of agribusinesses, Chamber of Commerce, local government supervisors, the Planning Department, the Economic Development Department, farmers, educators, and community leaders.”  

Maximizing the Value of Agricultural Resources

Agricultural Economic Development

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