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Haybuster 107C No-Till Drill Rental

             The Montgomery County Soil and Water Conservation District is proud to announce the recent purchase of a 2014 Haybuster 107C No-Till Drill through NYS Soil Health Mini-Grant Initiatives. 

           The District’s purpose of purchasing the Drill is to offer a simple and economical tool to improve soil health and production on the farm’s within Montgomery County. 




What the Haybuster Offers You!

-Prevention and Protection of Soil from Wind              and Water Erosion

- Establishment and/or Rejuvenation of Hay              Fields and Pastures

- Establishment of Cover Crops

- Reduction of Soil Compaction Through              Minimum Tillage Operations

- Multiple Seed Boxes for Multiple Seeding              Purposes

- Ability to Plant Small Grains or Soybeans

- Reduction of Fuel, Machinery and Labor              Costs,   Etc…