What is a Conservation District?

Conservation districts are local governmental subdivisions established under state law to carry out a program for the conservation, use and development of soil, water, and related resources.  Districts are resource management agencies, coordinating and implementing resource and environmental programs at the local level in cooperation with federal and state agencies.

What District’s Do?

Districts work with landowners, land managers, local government agencies, and other local interests in addressing a broad spectrum of resource concerns: erosion control, flood prevention, water conservation and use, wetlands, ground water, water quality and quantity, nonpoint source pollution, forest land protection, wildlife, recreation, waste water management and community development.

 Scott Ryan - Chairman

 Martin Kelly - Legislative Member

 Brian Holloway - Farm Bureau Member

 Richard Kennedy - Member at Large

 Terry Bieniek - Legislative Member

 Thomas Bielli - District Conservationist  thomas.bielli@ny.usda.gov



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About Us


Board of Directors

District Staff

NRCS Staff

Corey Nellis - District Manager  corey.nellis@ny.nacdnet.net       

Toni Christman - District Clerk/Treas.  toni.christman@ny.nacdnet.net

Scott Davis- District Technician  scott.davis3@ny.nacdnet.net

Julicia Godbout - AED Coordinator  julicia.godbout@ny.nacdnet.net

Joseph Slezak— Resource Conservationist  joseph.slezak@ny.nacdnet.net